M.I.A RULES Her Brixton Academy Gig

So On Wednesday I went with my friend Alex to see M.I.A who was supported by the amazing Sleigh Bells. We got there for 6ish the Que was ok nothing major but we only found out our que was on the other side for prebooked tickets we were waiting in the cold for at least 30mins to 45mins which was awful but they soon started to let people into the venue I was so excited because I love M.I.A which I only found out today stands for (Missing.In.Action) lol which is quite cool her concert was not sold out which was a surprise you could still buy tickets I thought this was too bad promotion because I didn't even know M.I.A was touring until my friend Alex told me so weird Huh? but it soon got quite Busy I heard the sleigh bells were supporting M.I.A I did not know who the sleigh bells were until they came on and performed the amazing single "Tell Em" which I hear in topshop every damn shift I work I know the lyrics by heart the beat is amazing they were really good performers the girl was weird which im pretty sure she worshiped Satan bless her!

Check out "Tell em" By the Sleigh Bells

M.I.A soon came out I almost had a epileptic fit on the floor and foaming from the mouth she came out wearing a traditional Muslim scarf so you could only see her eyes she had a camcorder recording everybody. I was pissed off because I wasn't at the front obviously so I had to elbow a couple of bitches to make way but it was pointless people with their fame hungry selves were going crazy which was annoying but M.I.A looked so cool it was a joke :) then a Dj comes on and starts playing some Sick Beats and then A video comes on screen playing the song from her album "Internet Connection" which is amazing on the screen everyone appears but with you tube bars flashing and face book icons coming up she is truly genius which artist does that these days instead of looking pretty and performing dry and boring songs, After the video came off my favorite song of all time came on off her new album called "Illygirl" I love the beat its amazing it feels like im playing a game boy its amazing i love it .


The Gig was amazing her dancers were cool wearing gold pants but I didn't get why the dancers were not dancing in Sync for some of the performances but ok but anyways when she performed "BoyZ" she invited people up on stage you can imagine the crowds reaction everyone wanting to get on stage I was so annoyed because I wanted to get up on stage it was just full of stupid bitches and fools trying to dance to boys. No one was bruking out or winding no one had Rhythm which kinda hurt me but Ahwel.

Some people in the audience were so annoying it was a damn joke literally I Wanted to scream there was this stupid slag saying "Everyone is pushing move out the way" then she had the cheek to try take my hat off with her stupid beast of a boyfriend I soon kicked her in her knees and elbowed her Im sorry at these events I do not business girls will get pushed and people will get CUT! END OF!

M.I.A Is truly an amazing performer I recommend everyone see her literally the only thing that bothered me she didn't perform for very long well she did sort of but she didnt perform her latest single "XX0" or "Jimmy" which was quite upsetting why would you not perform your trademark songs it kinda hurt but what can you do I guess.

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