Katy Perry - Firework + Gay Kiss Drama

Ok I was browsing through my twitter when I come across a RT of Katy Perry quoting her Music Video Is banned in the UK for the gay kiss in the Firework Video I must admit i,ve never seen the video till about 10minutes ago but this gets a WHAT THE FUCK!

why is it banned in the UK I don't get it im sure videos have had gay relation in before
look at Kylie Minogue video "For The Lovers" Women & Men are kissing in that I don't get it at all why cant people just live their lives and let people kiss who they want to kiss why does it matter to someone who your sexual preference is they still have the same heart beat ass you and their body works in the same way people are so small minded it makes me really sick you would think out of everything that has happened in the past few years change would budge a little but people are still the same and shallow its disgusting anyway you guys check Katy Perry's Video "Firework" I really like it now OK this is going to be in my head for a few days "Slaps Head"

Its 2010 for godsake!

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Eden said...

It's not banned in the UK. They are showing this on TV. I just saw it when I was at the gym, gay kiss and all.

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