Jaw Dropping Jermey Scott A/W 2010

Jeremy Scott Is indeed one of my favorite designers he is so fun and crazy the stuff he brings out which I see in Selfridges & Size are amazing from his Disney inspired sneakers to his sequin torso jackets it gives me heart failure LOL.
Jeremy Scott is one of those designers who just catches your eye I went into Selfridges on Friday and I could not believe my eyes I wanted every single Item there was a beautiful Sequin Adidas Tee it was over-sized I feel in love I hope they go into the Christmas Sale's the price tags are a bit extreme for a working student but oh my oh my! I am in love I am very tempted to get the oversize sequin T Shirt Check some of Jeremy's AW 2010:

I am so going to try on that jumper this week the pieces are too cute there is so much more pieces than that but I will post a picture up of what I look like in the jumper too sexual I [HEART] J.S Please Marry Me :)
P.s Its 5.30 I cant sleep and I am trying to read this book for English. So Glad I have no work Today :)

These make me feel so warm inside *Sigh

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