Are You Ready For It? Lanvin & H&M In Stores Tommrow from 9am

I Am So Excited from looking at the pieces online and seeing some amazing pieces for myself and for future Christmas Presents. The collection looks saucy to be honest I wish they never showed us all the collection but they did sometimes its good to leave a little bit to the imagination.

Just Saying...

Tommorow I will be heading to H&M To check out the new collection to see how it is I will be recording all of it so if any Fools be pushing or wanting to start something I am ready for my Compo .... Kidding !!

Be There or Be Online as its online from 7AM get your Bank Details Ready


New Video Blog + Mama Tina Knowles Shines In V Magazine

Beyonce's Mother is Beautiful she is just truly at her age she reminds me of Vanessa Williams but as I say a "Remix" Beyonce looks a lot like her mom in so many ways. Tina Knowles looks amazing in the new issue of V Magazine Wow if you notice in the image it says "Good Lighting Will Take You Far" I can not express how much this statement is true it gives me heartburn because if you have good lighting all the time you will look amazing and it will take you far.

The 56-year-old admitted to once spending a whole paycheck on a suede jumpsuit, but said, “I have worn the same Chanel Jacket for years.” Though she is known for sewing and Designing for Destiny’s Child and now House of Dereon, it seems Beyonce and Solange still offer their mom wardrobe advice. She says, “They are always telling me to experiment with more color…I may be a proud grandmother, but I don’t want to look like one.”

When you see certain celebrities and they look too perfect or just amazing sometimes its the lighting have you ever noticed that when you go into the Self ridges Beauty Hall the lighting is amazing but in Topshop the lights are so dim and a bit weird it just doesnt bring out the best for people's features only some people get this statement Jeez... Anyways..

I decided to do a new video blog im sorry about the quality of my makeup routine it was really bad shame on my mac book * Slaps it hard and Hurts Finger OUUUUCH*

Check My New video out Filmed on my Iphone :)

My Makeup Routine

Hey People I have upload the video to my everyday Makeup Tutorial lol I look So rough so be warned. I get a lot of messages on Facebook & Twitter & Formspring Asking what I use now is the time to find out in a video so watch it enjoy, rate & Tag ( If you will have negative comments to say then don't click please) The Quality on Macbook Cameras Is Shocking ...Check It out Baby:

Mini ChanelSpell Purchase's + I Love My Clark's

Ok so work was quite dead the other day so I decide to pop into Harrods and just mooch around even thou I dont really like the atmosphere in there but a Krispy Creme donut and change any atmosphere "Yum Yum" But I remember when I was in Selfridges I loved the new Chanel fragrence "Bleu" It smells so nice and I haven't bought myself a new fragrance since my addiction to Armani Code Its so damn beautiful. So I ended up buying "Bleu" I dont know why she gift wrapped it for I never asked her too and I clearly stated it was for me I dont have the time to unwrap two layers of wrapping Im not Marge Simpsons Jesus!

Then I also Ended up going to Chanel and buying a mascara as I hate the cheap Rimmel ones they go really weird after a few weeks but I bought the new Intense Mascara from Chanel which I seen an amazing review from in Gratzia Magazine Hmm I do love it but its just a bit too much I cant explain I like my eyelashes to look groomed but when they say Intense Mascara It really is Intense haha When I come out my house I feel like im in a Loreal Advert hahaha.

Never Mind Both Fabulous Buys for me !

I cant explain how much Love I have for these boots I been wearing them Nonstop. I know some people are not a fan of clarks or even desert boots But I had to have these I seen my friend post them up on her Facebook wall but I had never seen them on the Clarks website I am so lucky because they don't sell these boots in store but when I rang up the store in Oxford Street they had 1 pair which happened to be my size because they sent the wrong size to some guy but yay for me! I love them I didn't know either to get the sand color or Dark Brown but because my other desert boots are sand I thought I may as well get Brown but its not handy to wear them at the moment because there suede and the weather in Britain at the moment makes me sick to my stomach.


M.I.A RULES Her Brixton Academy Gig

So On Wednesday I went with my friend Alex to see M.I.A who was supported by the amazing Sleigh Bells. We got there for 6ish the Que was ok nothing major but we only found out our que was on the other side for prebooked tickets we were waiting in the cold for at least 30mins to 45mins which was awful but they soon started to let people into the venue I was so excited because I love M.I.A which I only found out today stands for (Missing.In.Action) lol which is quite cool her concert was not sold out which was a surprise you could still buy tickets I thought this was too bad promotion because I didn't even know M.I.A was touring until my friend Alex told me so weird Huh? but it soon got quite Busy I heard the sleigh bells were supporting M.I.A I did not know who the sleigh bells were until they came on and performed the amazing single "Tell Em" which I hear in topshop every damn shift I work I know the lyrics by heart the beat is amazing they were really good performers the girl was weird which im pretty sure she worshiped Satan bless her!

Check out "Tell em" By the Sleigh Bells

M.I.A soon came out I almost had a epileptic fit on the floor and foaming from the mouth she came out wearing a traditional Muslim scarf so you could only see her eyes she had a camcorder recording everybody. I was pissed off because I wasn't at the front obviously so I had to elbow a couple of bitches to make way but it was pointless people with their fame hungry selves were going crazy which was annoying but M.I.A looked so cool it was a joke :) then a Dj comes on and starts playing some Sick Beats and then A video comes on screen playing the song from her album "Internet Connection" which is amazing on the screen everyone appears but with you tube bars flashing and face book icons coming up she is truly genius which artist does that these days instead of looking pretty and performing dry and boring songs, After the video came off my favorite song of all time came on off her new album called "Illygirl" I love the beat its amazing it feels like im playing a game boy its amazing i love it .


The Gig was amazing her dancers were cool wearing gold pants but I didn't get why the dancers were not dancing in Sync for some of the performances but ok but anyways when she performed "BoyZ" she invited people up on stage you can imagine the crowds reaction everyone wanting to get on stage I was so annoyed because I wanted to get up on stage it was just full of stupid bitches and fools trying to dance to boys. No one was bruking out or winding no one had Rhythm which kinda hurt me but Ahwel.

Some people in the audience were so annoying it was a damn joke literally I Wanted to scream there was this stupid slag saying "Everyone is pushing move out the way" then she had the cheek to try take my hat off with her stupid beast of a boyfriend I soon kicked her in her knees and elbowed her Im sorry at these events I do not business girls will get pushed and people will get CUT! END OF!

M.I.A Is truly an amazing performer I recommend everyone see her literally the only thing that bothered me she didn't perform for very long well she did sort of but she didnt perform her latest single "XX0" or "Jimmy" which was quite upsetting why would you not perform your trademark songs it kinda hurt but what can you do I guess.

My Makeup Bag & Grooming Products

Hey People I thought I would do a post before X-factor lol ( Hoping Katie Goes*Sighs) Today I thought I would share with everyone what I have in my makeup bag and what I also use to wash my face and Etc. If you look at my previous post's you already know I use "Youth Surge" by Clinque which is amazing by the way so I have just taken Photos of whats in my makeup bag and what face washes I use during my week period. Sunday is such a lazy day I got up today I felt like Vintage shopping but I was just so tired and I didn't even go out last night even though I wanted to but I needed a break as I went out Friday I needed some good old sleep but I ended up going to bed at 6am Dont you just hate when that Happens?

The Products there are so many OK! I will name them all some of you will know them just because there so popular some of them are not so popular Ill start with the makeup first :)

  • The Nars Mutiple Stick - Palm Beach
  • Touche Eclat - Ysl Highlighter
  • Guyliner (Black)
  • Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil
  • Mac Pro Pencil - Pale Yellow
  • Clinque Sample Gloss - Wild Berry
  • Mac Long Wear Lipstick - Till Tomorrow
  • Mac Bronzer - Golden Defined
  • Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer - Chestnut
  • Disney Mac Collection Matte Blusher in "Darkly My Dear"
  • Mac Eyeshadow "Brun"(Brown)
  • Mac Eyeshadow "Carbon"(Deep Matte Black)
  • Illamasqua Rich Liquid Foundation "325"
  • Mac Mineralize Satin Finish Foundation
  • Mac Studio Moisture Tint SPF15
  • Nars Sheer Glow Foundation
  • Mac Blusher "Trace Gold"
  • Mac Select Cover up Concealer nw45
  • Illamasqua Cream Blusher's ( Forgot Names Sorry!)
  • Laura Mercier Cream Bronzer Stick
  • Laura Mercier Highlighting Undereye Powder
  • Mac Contour Powder Shadowy
  • Mac Skunk Brush 168
  • Mac Eye shadow Brush
  • Mac Blending Brush
  • Mac Concealer Brush
Ok there is so much products there which I use on a daily basis I don't use all of them everyday its too much some more than others I don't even use my Nars foundation as much I love Illamasqua with a passion there products are so amazing I dont even have that many I need more of there products in my life because the packaging and the texture is amazing the Illamasqua Rich Liquid Foundation has the best coverage I have ever seen with a liquid foundation if you like quite a full coverage liquid foundation please buy it its amazing even go into one of their counters and try it out because it is amazing you can purchase their products here. Illamasqua Cream Blushers are amazing too I have too sorry I have forgot the names because the labels came off but I got the Nude Coral Pink one for my birthday off my friend and I recently bought the red creamy one myself its really nice on my complexion and it really wakes up my skin on those early cold mornings I walk to University you don't need much just a dab on the finger tips and pat on the cheek area. 2 days ago I recently bought a new product from Nars which is amazing I love it I bought a Multiple stick from NARS called "Palm Beach" the color is amazing it reminds me of NARS Gold body liquid that you can put all over your body but on a stick it's really nice on the cheek bones or on the bridge of the nose or on the eyelids I dabbed some on my cupids bow on my lips to highlight my lips its such a nice product you can check out NARS Mutiple Sticks Here. I use the Eye-Shadows on my eyebrows I mix Brun & Carbon together to get a perfect color for my eyebrows making them not to dark & not to light which is perfect following it up using a sharp Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil there not even expensive and they work like any other eyebrow pencil, I bought an eyebrow pencil from mac in "Spiked" there not even a pencil there like a wax on the eyebrows and they are so expensive + run out very quickly indeed.

The Face washes I use are from Clarins & Kiehls My Kiehls face wash is an energizing face wash it feels so good when I wash my face with this because its like you know that feeling when you brush your teeth and you have that nice minty feeling on your teeth I get the same feeling but just on my face with this Kiehls facewash its truly an amazing product I recommend every guy get this product because literally its amazing and they deliver to I Literally cant leave my house without using this product check it out here +It lasts forever check it out here. I am a big Clarins Fan I have been using Clarins since I was 17 and I have never turned back Clarins has a special place in my heart I have used there Active Facewash for quite a while it removes all the toxins from your face and is made from natural products from plants Clarins is amazing EVERY MAN should have atleast one Clarins product in there bathroom because Clarins has been giving me good results since I was 17 check Clarins out here.

So Plastic No Passengers Be On Her Plane Blast from the Past

If you know me well you know this is my favorite song of all time when it comes on Bitches better step down and watch:

I Need them Bags Or That Money!

L o o k What I Found Hiding Under My Bed

Ok your cleaning your room you expect to find Dust, Pennys & Random Shit :) But I thought I lost these Beautiful Things

I love them Dearly


Vintage Style P l a s t i c B o y

I had a strong vintage feeling so I decided to do these I think there so cute pictures its weird how you can turn pictures you dont like into pictures you love just by changing the effect and lighting but as Mama Tyra Banks says "Lighting & Makeup Is Crucial"

Bonjour Bebe :)

Jaw Dropping Jermey Scott A/W 2010

Jeremy Scott Is indeed one of my favorite designers he is so fun and crazy the stuff he brings out which I see in Selfridges & Size are amazing from his Disney inspired sneakers to his sequin torso jackets it gives me heart failure LOL.
Jeremy Scott is one of those designers who just catches your eye I went into Selfridges on Friday and I could not believe my eyes I wanted every single Item there was a beautiful Sequin Adidas Tee it was over-sized I feel in love I hope they go into the Christmas Sale's the price tags are a bit extreme for a working student but oh my oh my! I am in love I am very tempted to get the oversize sequin T Shirt Check some of Jeremy's AW 2010:

I am so going to try on that jumper this week the pieces are too cute there is so much more pieces than that but I will post a picture up of what I look like in the jumper too sexual I [HEART] J.S Please Marry Me :)
P.s Its 5.30 I cant sleep and I am trying to read this book for English. So Glad I have no work Today :)

These make me feel so warm inside *Sigh

Louis Vuitton Resort Campaign

Louis Vuitton came out with the campaign for there Resort Collection 2011 Its Pretty I must say. The model for some reason reminds me of Heidi Klum.

Mark Segal - Photographer
Anne Vyalitsyna - Model

Kim Kardashian with a Beautiful Smokey Eye & Nude Lip

I have so much Kim Kardashian her makeup artist who's work I adore Troy Jensen is Amazing his work is flawless. Troy has been doing Kim K's makeup for a while now and he has done mega stars in the industry such as
  • Jennifer Lopez
  • Britney Spears
  • Kelly Brook
His Work is so Flawless check Kim out looking flawless with her soft smokey eye and nude lip
she is too beautiful chick wears a lot of makeup but everyone watches Keeping up With The Kardashians she is beautiful without it and with it on.

Here are all the products Troy used on Kim's face he is so talented it hurts.

The Blue Lip Queen Alessandra Ambrosio

This Woman is just to Beautiful not only is she a sexy supermodel for Victoria Secret & Is the face of Next she is a mother.... Damn I am loving the Blue Lip she looks amazing & I am also loving the bronzer around the high points around the face Bravo I love her and love this Vogue Beauty Shoot.

" Too Beautiful for Words"

Katy Perry - Firework + Gay Kiss Drama

Ok I was browsing through my twitter when I come across a RT of Katy Perry quoting her Music Video Is banned in the UK for the gay kiss in the Firework Video I must admit i,ve never seen the video till about 10minutes ago but this gets a WHAT THE FUCK!

why is it banned in the UK I don't get it im sure videos have had gay relation in before
look at Kylie Minogue video "For The Lovers" Women & Men are kissing in that I don't get it at all why cant people just live their lives and let people kiss who they want to kiss why does it matter to someone who your sexual preference is they still have the same heart beat ass you and their body works in the same way people are so small minded it makes me really sick you would think out of everything that has happened in the past few years change would budge a little but people are still the same and shallow its disgusting anyway you guys check Katy Perry's Video "Firework" I really like it now OK this is going to be in my head for a few days "Slaps Head"

Its 2010 for godsake!

Nicki Minaj Ft Eminem Roman Revenge Review

Ok I was on Facebook and before I logged onto Facebook I noticed Nicki Minaj's New Song with Eminem,

I checked it out but I wasn't feeling it you know when you listen to a song then you just switch it off because it gets boring. Yesterday I Listened to the song again and I love it so much Nicki Minaj shows off her true talent she kills the track and so does Eminem I had this song on repeat on the night bus last night. I notice the little comment to the other Rap B*****s in the game how they are mad at her but there just mad at her because she took their spot I am not even going to lie there's no point in being mad if your not in game if there's only one woman in the game killing the rap era and no one else is around she is the only winner to be seen to be honest where is:
  • Eve
  • Lil Kim
  • Diamond
  • Trina
  • Remy Ma (Locked Up for 25years Oh Dear!)
  • Da Brat ( Locked Up for Bottling a Bar Maid)
  • Jackie-o
  • Missy Elliot
All these popular female artists in the game have disappeared of of the industry it's sad really I do miss Missy Elliot & Lil Kim & all the other female rap artists but I like Nicki Minaj I dont know even though everyone knows she did swagger jack Kim with the Barbie situation her rap game is on point like a B.O.C. (Bitch On Crack)

Jaw Dropping Headgear

This Headgear makes me want to just stare and start foaming from the mouth some serious shit right here excuse my french.

E V O L H E I S T Take Jewelery To A Whole New Level

E V O L H E I S T Is taking jewelery to a whole new level I remember when I first noticed the brand on Face book one day as I was browsing and I seen this beautiful leopard ring I had to have it because it was just too beautiful to not have. I waned to know who made such a beautiful ring and one thing I needed to have it I came across a beautiful girl named Madz who I messaged on Face book to esquire about the ring its major cute. Evol Heist is defiantly about edge, style & glamor they do so many different pieces from gun necklaces to pretty rings which can be suited for any occasion I think everyone should check out her stuff because its on a whole new level which is good and did I mention she is UK Based and does deliver as we all know sometimes some of the most amazing jewelery comes from the USA but she is really making her way through the UK Scene I have seen many people wearing her custom made rings and necklaces.

Check her stuff out here

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