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Hey Bloggers im back with some new information and purchases :) I have not blogged for ages and i do love blogging so I thought it would be fun to post some stuff up as the last time I blogged was September which is not good. Im finally back at University and studying really hard I just noticed I didn't even blog around fashion week shame on me SHAME! ok so yesterday I went Shopping I wanted some nice brogues to wear as a man cant find any nice brogues anywhere if your a size 10 feet. I love girl brogues because there quite pointy and I could not find any nice ones anywhere I Checked

  • Russel & Bromley
  • Harrords
  • Kurt Geiger
  • House Of Fraser
I remember walking down to Self ridges and thinking Gary you need to check Topman so I go in Topman Its busy as usual on a Friday Night but wow as I used to work for the shoe department there I figured they would have some in so I seen these Beautiful Vintage Pair of Light Brown Brogues but when I felt them they were so soft but I needed to know if they had a size 10 at this point I saw 1 other guy trying some on I thought if they don't have a 10 I am going to make the fire alarm go off get them and evacuate the building.

How Beautiful are they :

I also needed a good cream I keep using the blue Nivea cream as its good for dry skin as a substitute as my Clarins Gel Moisturizer ran out but it just wasnt Rich enough so i went to Clinique and got this beautiful glowy cream called Youth Surge I am going to do a video on this as I only bought it yesterday so I dont know how it reacts with my skin but so far so good its just dreamy its a bit pricey but worth it :) keep posted.

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