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Late night blog post well I was working yesterday and because I work in such a quiet Topshop in Knightsbridge and for such a small concession I was looking around and I noticed Topshop Boutique had this T-Shirt back in which I wanted these T's are quite oversized but they seem more masculine then Feminine I think its because what they have printed on them but I love them they are are Oversized plus have sewn up sleeves. I already bought one a couple of weeks ago which says "Dress Me Up" which I love but when I seen this one which is the compelety same T-Shirt Saying "In Your Dreams" I had to get it. These T-shirts are not in normal Topshop areas you will have to go to Topshop Boutique as I know not all Topshops have that but I know the One in Oxford Circus Has one on the SPII which is just the floor below the main one.

I love it so much if you see me with it on im sure you will love it too :) They had these but with Mesh on the back but these sold out so fast :(

This is the "Dress Me Up" T-Shirt the reason I love these because I know some people are literally like there too plain but that's why I love them because the T-Shirt is so plain you can really Accessorize or just pair it with different things :)

I recently bought this cute backpack from Topman a few days ago which annoyed me because I seen these backpacks a few months ago and I thought I'll get it tomorrow which I never did end up doing and they sold out in a flash but there back and have some really nice other colors too and also have a special edition one in the Topman LTD collection but its just a bit bigger and has like a white sailor rope which sits on your back perfectly.When I seen this backpack again I literally took one and ran to the till as there were only two left out on display but surely they have ordered more this time to satisfy the customers who demanded these back.

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