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I thought I would take a picture of how messy my wardrobe is this is not all of it thank god. I have left some stuff at Birmingham but this is some of the stuff I usually wear out if I'm going clubbing or if I need something quick to put on to go to work I literally have clothes on the floor but to retain any self respect I thought it would be best not to put it up on here :)

You can see i keep all my shoes at the bottom that is not all my shoes hahaha some of them are literally on the floor or i could not find them some of my favorite bags are on top of this soon to broken down wardrobe because its literally keeling over im so scared I have so of my favorite jackets n here i love Barbour jackets especially really vintage looking ones and quilted of wax coated. I love my Vans & Boots I have so much boots i love all types of boots but my favorite pair of boots are from All Saints they have become a joke these days because so much chavs wear them but out of all my boots even thou I have some pretty nice Hudon & KG Boots All Saints boots are just to comfortable. I love shoes you can just put on and just go I really hate complicated things with millions of laces and buckles when you need to go and get out of the house people dont have time for that.


My First return video to you tube will be put on here tomorrow evening as I have missed doing Youtube videos and my first one will return tomorrow. If you have any requests are would like to see me do something email me on Mrgarythompson@hotmail.co.uk or comment this post thank you.

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