E V E Album gets a Release date "Lip Lock" + Ruff Ryders May Get Back Together

Omg All you E.V.E Fans get Hype she just announced her new album "Lip Lock" I loved "Tambourine" I Love Eve so much and I love the way she has just turned so feminine. I have always been a fellow Eve Fan and will continue too and did u hear a Ruff Ryders Reunion Wooooah :).

C a s s i e Is Back to her Black Her Ways

Singer Cassie Know for her 1 hit single Me & You rocked her new hair do which she is back to her black roots but I have to admit i Did like the blonde im not going to lie.

She Kicked it with Yung Joc & Prince Malik, she sure is beautiful i do love her songs on youtube search My House By Cassie its so beautiful even thou she sounds different.

Do We Love This ??

Soulja Boy & 50cent Cover XXL

50cent and Soulja Boy cover XXL. I dont get why 50cent's face is covered up but this cover is really interesting. I didn't know these two were friends until i seen them tweeting each other on twitter I guess. 50 cent said he was channeling his South Arabia Flavor hmmm OK?

Are you feeling this ???

Its Here Gentlemen & Ladies WHIP YO HAIR Video Check it

Guys its here check the cute and colourful video by willow she is so cuteeee check it

Can I Hear Number 1 im sure she is related to Rihanna :)

I am worried about the song again why is she talking about haters this girl is 9 not 19 just saying..

Major Cute


Whip My Hair BMF
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|Inside Some Of My Wardrobe| Announcements|

I thought I would take a picture of how messy my wardrobe is this is not all of it thank god. I have left some stuff at Birmingham but this is some of the stuff I usually wear out if I'm going clubbing or if I need something quick to put on to go to work I literally have clothes on the floor but to retain any self respect I thought it would be best not to put it up on here :)

You can see i keep all my shoes at the bottom that is not all my shoes hahaha some of them are literally on the floor or i could not find them some of my favorite bags are on top of this soon to broken down wardrobe because its literally keeling over im so scared I have so of my favorite jackets n here i love Barbour jackets especially really vintage looking ones and quilted of wax coated. I love my Vans & Boots I have so much boots i love all types of boots but my favorite pair of boots are from All Saints they have become a joke these days because so much chavs wear them but out of all my boots even thou I have some pretty nice Hudon & KG Boots All Saints boots are just to comfortable. I love shoes you can just put on and just go I really hate complicated things with millions of laces and buckles when you need to go and get out of the house people dont have time for that.


My First return video to you tube will be put on here tomorrow evening as I have missed doing Youtube videos and my first one will return tomorrow. If you have any requests are would like to see me do something email me on Mrgarythompson@hotmail.co.uk or comment this post thank you.

|Mariana & The Diamonds Covers Katy B|

Ok I have to admit early on this year I was not infact a fan of Mariana & The Diamonds but a person I love close to me purchased me her album after I put it as my status because I love her song "I am Not A Robot" the song is amazing but when I put her album on i adored her more and I think she is under rated she is amazing guys check out her album as she is totally talented.

I just seen this video come up on Facebook and I had to blog it because I have seen videos of girls trying to cover this song done by Katy B & Magnetic Man its a Tune but please Mariana step forward as you do this song Justice.

How I love Mariana please I want to be a Diamond with you.


|New Purchases|Topshop Boutique]

Late night blog post well I was working yesterday and because I work in such a quiet Topshop in Knightsbridge and for such a small concession I was looking around and I noticed Topshop Boutique had this T-Shirt back in which I wanted these T's are quite oversized but they seem more masculine then Feminine I think its because what they have printed on them but I love them they are are Oversized plus have sewn up sleeves. I already bought one a couple of weeks ago which says "Dress Me Up" which I love but when I seen this one which is the compelety same T-Shirt Saying "In Your Dreams" I had to get it. These T-shirts are not in normal Topshop areas you will have to go to Topshop Boutique as I know not all Topshops have that but I know the One in Oxford Circus Has one on the SPII which is just the floor below the main one.

I love it so much if you see me with it on im sure you will love it too :) They had these but with Mesh on the back but these sold out so fast :(

This is the "Dress Me Up" T-Shirt the reason I love these because I know some people are literally like there too plain but that's why I love them because the T-Shirt is so plain you can really Accessorize or just pair it with different things :)

I recently bought this cute backpack from Topman a few days ago which annoyed me because I seen these backpacks a few months ago and I thought I'll get it tomorrow which I never did end up doing and they sold out in a flash but there back and have some really nice other colors too and also have a special edition one in the Topman LTD collection but its just a bit bigger and has like a white sailor rope which sits on your back perfectly.When I seen this backpack again I literally took one and ran to the till as there were only two left out on display but surely they have ordered more this time to satisfy the customers who demanded these back.

Reload The Trapstar!

rihI have never been really hard into streetwear but this brand is amazing its just different and it goes in Hard all the way. I never really got into it really until i started looking at the items around when I went to this Event in East London called RESET which was amazing which was like an event where you could buy the hottest of all streetwear Gear from Nike to Vintage Eye wear & Designers. When I arrived at RESET which was months ago but I thought I would blog about it, I looked at this T shirt and thought should I get it ? I viewed it twice and ended up getting it because I loved it. This Brand Is.....

The T shirt i bought was well cute I really wanted the jumper version but it was quite out of my price range for that day lol :) which sucks but I plan to get it very soon. The brand has become very popular recently and I am more than enough excited they are building a store which in process in Notting Hill By Portabello Market which will be cool the brand is very cool and it deserves all the recognition it gets and did i mention Rihannna wore one of there jumpers which is sold out by the way Womp :).

Check out there stuff they do loads of things Hats,Sweaters & More they have a cool blog too.

Quick Shopping Trip |Fashion & Beauty|

Hey Bloggers im back with some new information and purchases :) I have not blogged for ages and i do love blogging so I thought it would be fun to post some stuff up as the last time I blogged was September which is not good. Im finally back at University and studying really hard I just noticed I didn't even blog around fashion week shame on me SHAME! ok so yesterday I went Shopping I wanted some nice brogues to wear as a man cant find any nice brogues anywhere if your a size 10 feet. I love girl brogues because there quite pointy and I could not find any nice ones anywhere I Checked

  • Russel & Bromley
  • Harrords
  • Kurt Geiger
  • House Of Fraser
I remember walking down to Self ridges and thinking Gary you need to check Topman so I go in Topman Its busy as usual on a Friday Night but wow as I used to work for the shoe department there I figured they would have some in so I seen these Beautiful Vintage Pair of Light Brown Brogues but when I felt them they were so soft but I needed to know if they had a size 10 at this point I saw 1 other guy trying some on I thought if they don't have a 10 I am going to make the fire alarm go off get them and evacuate the building.

How Beautiful are they :

I also needed a good cream I keep using the blue Nivea cream as its good for dry skin as a substitute as my Clarins Gel Moisturizer ran out but it just wasnt Rich enough so i went to Clinique and got this beautiful glowy cream called Youth Surge I am going to do a video on this as I only bought it yesterday so I dont know how it reacts with my skin but so far so good its just dreamy its a bit pricey but worth it :) keep posted.

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