Naomi, Kate & Gaga

According to CoCo P Naomi Campbell & Kate Moss were suppose to do a big issue for the septemeber issue of I-D which is amazing they have done a collab before for Vogue but some fool decided to ruin the sexual chemistry between the friends and added

Lady GaGa

I like Lady Gaga no offense to all the DIVAS but she really gets on my damn last pee weee these days trying so hard i agree with M.I.A and Grace Jones she is just one big advertisement and the things she is doing now many women in the industry have done it before but just weren't credited for it when doing it Jesus check the ID PICTURES there so sexual. As Confirmed Kate & Naomi weren't happy and insisted on shooting there covers separately without GAGA BLA BLA.

Kate and Naomi were to do a joint cover shoot but the editor wanted to add Gaga as well. Naomi and Kate refused to play second fiddle to Gaga and insisted on having their own retouching done, so they were all shot separately.

disappointing in Naomi's cover ive seen her look more amazing but owel i guess :)

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