Uffie Attack

Omg i am having an actual Uffie Attack I know she has been around for a long time and people are comparing here to that woman what ever her name is Ke$ha but Uffie is more real than that Manufactured shit you can just tell her beats are so dirty and hypnotizing its beautiful lol i love her and i been listening ti her songs there so lush i love them i had to blog about her she is working with Pharrell and will be on her album Sex dreams and Denim Jeans:) which out V soon i think a video is already been released or Leaked but this girl is super talented so im going to say move out Ke$ha with your dirty Face hasnt the girl heard of face wipes and a good moisturizer. Im not impressed with the video for dirty picture check it out.

The video is a let down why is the girl dancing in the toilet although she is wearing some fierce hills but uffie would have sounded better on this track rumour is that Taio Actually offered Kesha part to Lady Gaga but she rejected it good as good why would Lady Gaga who just collab with Beyonce do a song like this it doesnt make sense its like Britney working with Pixie Lott its not a good mix. but check more of Uffie stuff out im loving Pop the glock its a tune


iUnderEye said...

great post b, really cool. did u get the products sent through?

if not lemme know.

oooh n check out ma blog iundereye.blogspot.com xx

JadoreMrPlastic said...

no i didnt babe get the products ooh are they going to come babe :) xx

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