Random :)

I so cant wait to get my loan im going to buy loads of skincare products that i really want so much :) and loads of stuff from Urban Outfitters i have seen i love the fred perry stuff they have its so damn gorgeous woop :)

I thought i would blog one more thing lol erm i really really dont know why i have done this but i did a rap ages ago the other night i was so bored i dont wanna be a rapper but it just happend i like writing lyrics its so relaxing haha i ts not very good but its ok :) hahah check it out http://soundcloud.com/jadoremrplastic/in-control
copy and paste that shit!

its very cringey thou oh dear but anyways you should all check my youtube videos and spread the world im doing more but its just that my mac is fucked at the moment check out my beautiful friend on youtube ScandlousBeauty Erin she is so Beautiful and i really want to go to her Networking parties but New York is so far i want her to come to the uk so we can go makeup shopping together :)

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