Male Grooming 2010

Male Grooming my favorite topic in today's society when I hear about cosmetics and skincare I get a tingle I don't know why? I think I appreciate when people take care of there skin and want their skin to look good it shows you have pride in yourself and appearance. I Started wearing Makeup and really getting into skincare in Year 11 so I was 16 so still quite young I have been through so many products that have worked for me in the best way possible and some in the worst way possible and that was in 2006. Today in this generation it is 2010 the year of change the cosmetic and grooming game has completely changed since I was 16 there was not many cosmetic lines for men or even much promotion with male skin care in the rare occasion of Clinque mens skincare.

Clinique men skincare range is quite good this was the first brand I tried because it was well known and was just popular so I thought this was a good idea. The products are Ideal but just not for me I already have very severe dry skin and this made my skin so dry you could see flakes which is not attractive.

I needed something with plant extracts which was quite natural but had some chemicals in there too so I was reading GQ one day and this Ad popped up and it was Clarins. I have heard some pretty amazing stuff about Clarins "Long Live Mens Skin" is there quote on there campaigns which is a cool slogan too. If your new to all the skincare brands out there and not sure which one to choose I would hapily suggest Clarins there products remove all dead skin cells and toxins from you skin without making your skin look dull and too matte without your skin drying. Clarins was perfect for me something that cleansed my skin removed dead skincells, toxins, gave me a fresh dewy face and kept my skin from breaking out. The prices from Clarins may seem a tad expensive to some people, but you have to really think about this really would you rather buy something twice that isnt going to give your skin the full beneficial cleansing factor or would you rather invest in your skin and keep it fresh, toxin free and dewy with a more higher price with a product that will last you from 3-4months. Clarins is sold at Boots & Selfridges and Debnhams nationwide they usually have good deals on where if you buy a face wash you will get a razor cream and exfoliator free which is worth the price prices are average around £17.50.

I have noticed these days quite a few guys are wearing makeup and I like the fact guys are doing it but if it doesnt look right its not attractive. I dont think if someone sees you in the daytime and notices your makeup isnt blended well into your neckline they wont tap you on the shoulder and tell you because its rude but sometime its just wise to watch out for these common errors in makeup. Its not that frequence on women and usually women know this problem is very popular and try to blend their base into the neck as much as possible as you would do with a fake tan or a cream to make it look all one colour and natural :)

Last year 2009 Big Brother past contesetant Stuart Pilkington became the face of YSL Touche Eclat for men. I remember he wore makeup in the house like Guyliner and etc Stuart launced this Ysl collection in the Selfridges Oxford Street store. I really like the concept that YSL did a Touche Eclat for Men because I always used the women's one because as they say in magazines no women should not have one in her purse it reflects light under the eyes to reduce the look of puffyness and dark circles its bascially an highlighter which can be also used on the brow bone or even on the high points of the cheek bones to give you a more contour look.

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I was reading Glamour last week on tube and I was reading about when guys steal cosmetics from their girlfriends if they are feeling low as they may have a blemish or just a dull glow. Glamour done a chart of which is the most popular product a guy steals from his girlfriends beauty bag and the number one product was.....

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Its amazing with men who have early mornings and have meetings the product literally defeats the darkness under your eyes its amazing the price range is £21.50 but last year when I went Cyprus I got this baby at Heath row for £17.55 and I landed number 4 which they do sell now in Selfridges but they never before its the color for darker skin tones they only done 1-3 before but now they do 4 after so many customers asked about number 4. I think men who use YSL Touche Eclat are mostly worried about looking tired under the eyes as many men now hate the ageing under the eyes in the morning it also stated in glamor men would also steal concealer from there girlfriends bag including fake tan,foundation & tweezers which I wasn't surprised by any of this theres nothing wrong with any one wanting to look pretty and flawless really no matter what your sexuality is.


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