If Designers Had Their Own Disney Movie

if deisgners had their own disney movie they would look so cool here are pictures Elle Espana where they took those iconic Disney characters we ove and made them into the fashion biggest designers.

Goofy as Karl L, Daisy Duck as Donatella Versace so funny LMAO Donald AS Jean Paul Gaultier and John Galliano, Mickey takes on the beautiful Dolce & Gabbana and again Donald Duck is the sexyy Marc Jacobs all the way down to his man skirt!

awww i do love it its so cute i think disney should actually do a cartoon sketch out of this its supercute and it makes me want Toystory 3 want to come out more faster i cant wait for this move to come out i love toystory so much it has the graphics that makes me automatically happpy :)

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