Fafi Mac Attack

I was thinking the other day how i lost my Mac Fafi the collection was amazing i remember knowing this amazing cosmetics collection was coming out as i read I-D few years back I cant actually remember when it came back im sure it was like 2years ago now they should repromote it instead of these stupid collections ;( but it was a limited edition collection just like M.a.c for Barbie which sold out in a couple of days lol so annoying when the barbie collection came out makeup didnt intrest me much im so annoyed fuck ebay its too damn expensive i know how much the blushers and lipsticks were im not paying 50.00 for no damn lipstick unless its a limted edition YSL Lipstick Can i get a AMEN.

This collection rocked i heard when the Barbie colection came out in the M.a.c store in Birmingham near Tesco A Couple of bitches got Bitch Slaped for blushes security was called im not surprised *Raises Eyebrows*

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