Hey you guys I just updated my blog my previous posts were deleted because i felt that my blog layout was so stupid. Everything was too big or to small and i want it proper organised as im going to be updating it on a regular basis now :) I just want to say Hello again and thanks for the followers on here even though its a small amount but its just early days really.

I have been watching The Tyra Banks show latley she is just too beautiful and it was an episode where she was talking about smiling with the eyes i love her so much she is literally amazing :) she was talking about smiling with the eyes i remember this picture popping up on Perez isnt it Amazing.

Tyra banks is so damn beautiful isnt she jeeez and speaking of fab i was walking around work on saturday and was walking around Mac on my break and i noticed the fab Lady Gaga and Cyndi Lauper Lipsticks they are so nice but the lady Gaga one sold out i wouldnt even try that colour its like a Hot Neon Pic and Cyndi Lauper Lipstick is like a Ruby Red,

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