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Bascially Today was so good everytime i go central with this girl its so fun I met up with Jenny Bang today we were late we always say 1 i dont know why and we are late and she thought we were just gona meet etc etc but it turned into a long day of shopping which was hot im not gonna go into too much detail as I have done a video to show you what i bought i hope you like it comment and subcribe to & add me on twitter :)

X Stay Sexy Stay Plastic X

Male Grooming 2010

Male Grooming my favorite topic in today's society when I hear about cosmetics and skincare I get a tingle I don't know why? I think I appreciate when people take care of there skin and want their skin to look good it shows you have pride in yourself and appearance. I Started wearing Makeup and really getting into skincare in Year 11 so I was 16 so still quite young I have been through so many products that have worked for me in the best way possible and some in the worst way possible and that was in 2006. Today in this generation it is 2010 the year of change the cosmetic and grooming game has completely changed since I was 16 there was not many cosmetic lines for men or even much promotion with male skin care in the rare occasion of Clinque mens skincare.

Clinique men skincare range is quite good this was the first brand I tried because it was well known and was just popular so I thought this was a good idea. The products are Ideal but just not for me I already have very severe dry skin and this made my skin so dry you could see flakes which is not attractive.

I needed something with plant extracts which was quite natural but had some chemicals in there too so I was reading GQ one day and this Ad popped up and it was Clarins. I have heard some pretty amazing stuff about Clarins "Long Live Mens Skin" is there quote on there campaigns which is a cool slogan too. If your new to all the skincare brands out there and not sure which one to choose I would hapily suggest Clarins there products remove all dead skin cells and toxins from you skin without making your skin look dull and too matte without your skin drying. Clarins was perfect for me something that cleansed my skin removed dead skincells, toxins, gave me a fresh dewy face and kept my skin from breaking out. The prices from Clarins may seem a tad expensive to some people, but you have to really think about this really would you rather buy something twice that isnt going to give your skin the full beneficial cleansing factor or would you rather invest in your skin and keep it fresh, toxin free and dewy with a more higher price with a product that will last you from 3-4months. Clarins is sold at Boots & Selfridges and Debnhams nationwide they usually have good deals on where if you buy a face wash you will get a razor cream and exfoliator free which is worth the price prices are average around £17.50.

I have noticed these days quite a few guys are wearing makeup and I like the fact guys are doing it but if it doesnt look right its not attractive. I dont think if someone sees you in the daytime and notices your makeup isnt blended well into your neckline they wont tap you on the shoulder and tell you because its rude but sometime its just wise to watch out for these common errors in makeup. Its not that frequence on women and usually women know this problem is very popular and try to blend their base into the neck as much as possible as you would do with a fake tan or a cream to make it look all one colour and natural :)

Last year 2009 Big Brother past contesetant Stuart Pilkington became the face of YSL Touche Eclat for men. I remember he wore makeup in the house like Guyliner and etc Stuart launced this Ysl collection in the Selfridges Oxford Street store. I really like the concept that YSL did a Touche Eclat for Men because I always used the women's one because as they say in magazines no women should not have one in her purse it reflects light under the eyes to reduce the look of puffyness and dark circles its bascially an highlighter which can be also used on the brow bone or even on the high points of the cheek bones to give you a more contour look.

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I was reading Glamour last week on tube and I was reading about when guys steal cosmetics from their girlfriends if they are feeling low as they may have a blemish or just a dull glow. Glamour done a chart of which is the most popular product a guy steals from his girlfriends beauty bag and the number one product was.....

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Its amazing with men who have early mornings and have meetings the product literally defeats the darkness under your eyes its amazing the price range is £21.50 but last year when I went Cyprus I got this baby at Heath row for £17.55 and I landed number 4 which they do sell now in Selfridges but they never before its the color for darker skin tones they only done 1-3 before but now they do 4 after so many customers asked about number 4. I think men who use YSL Touche Eclat are mostly worried about looking tired under the eyes as many men now hate the ageing under the eyes in the morning it also stated in glamor men would also steal concealer from there girlfriends bag including fake tan,foundation & tweezers which I wasn't surprised by any of this theres nothing wrong with any one wanting to look pretty and flawless really no matter what your sexuality is.


The Most Beautiful Barbie Kim Kardashian

Omg isnt this woman just the most stunning woman you have ever seen in your damn life?
She is just breath taking i seen this picture and was like she is literally like a porcelain doll I want her on my desk to move and say Hello Im Kim Kardashian and thats hot i love her Me and my friend Faisal are huge fans of Kim Kardashian since the days she has been friends with Paris Hilton she is a stunning It Girl i always watch her show and I have seen her transform in the public eye. Kim's makeup Troy Jensen is literally amazing I always used to read his blog until I was swamped with so much work but im looking back at it her is so talented its amazing I love his work it gives me goosebumps.

She Looks so Plastic but in a good way she is definatly representing the Plastic look.

Everything he used except the Primer was Chanel Im loving this whole look very spring/summer. I love the dewy look on her face I would expect that from Pro Lumiere though.Its such a shame Chanel Dont do darker skin tone foundations its damn right Racist they need to update there small minded color collection before I send them a email :) Just Saying.... I LOVE YOU KIM K <3

Kim K is indeed so Hot and so damn beautiful what dude is going to let this chick out of his site *Side eye REGGIE BUSH ..... just saying I know guys that would fight for this chick.

Kim Kardashian is the face of Famous Cupcakes, this is a sweet pretty look on her for their campaign. Famous Cupcakes is a brand new company that will be famous for their tasty cupcakes made with natural ingredients woah ok she sold me I would buy 1million cupcakes she's doing this well keep doing ya thang Miss Kardashian

Hot Purchase of the Month!

This has to be the hottest purchase of my month its always good to invest in skincare i bought these couple of days ago and since i used the advance night repair serum and the cream and under eye cream my skin feels gorgeous all of that for £35 bargain!!!!!!!!!!

from Selfridges Estee Lauder the girls helped me so much it makes the skin dewy and so fresh they tell you how to use the serum and moisturise and etc but i will be doing a video about them hopefully in a few days so watch out for it you can get samples from the counter but i will update you on how the products are going the serum is literally amazing my skin feels like soft cotton and so smooth :) loves it

Alexandra Burke - All Night Long Video Still

omggg This picture has been out today in the Daily Mail its me on the left and my beautiful friends i met on the set of the alexandra Burke shoot its amazing i love doing that shoot it was so good i loved every mintue the video drops this week dont forget to watch all of us in it im so excitedi look so oily in this picture though i dont like it i love Alexandras Makeup i watched her makeup artist he was using Charles Fox Produts her makeup looked BANG ON FLAWLESS she is going to be bigger this year check out the single All Night Long Feat Pitbull.

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What A Beautiful Day Of Fashion

Hey Biatches im back... omg my day was literally amazing i recieved my mcqueen scarf today all the way from Barneys courtsey of my Mumma it was all wrapped up so pretty i love it so much its so damn beautiful it hurts my old one blown away im afriad to wear this one i may frame it and just look at it when i feel down RIP LEE MCQUEEN How i love your designs if you literally asked me out i would slap any bitch even a family member to attend anywhere with you hahah :) Kidding hahah check out this hotness :)

Cute Hat - Urban Outfitters
Hoody - American Apparel
Shirt - All Saints
Cardy - All Saints
Face - By Himself G.T :)

When i seen the bag my heart stop beating it smelt like New York now i know what alica keys is on about the Bitch :)

How Sexy!

No Words when i seen it how i felt my Mom got it on POINTTTTT! I HAD TO SLAP HER ON THE BACK!

Since 14 aint na Hoe stop me Quoted By Diamond :)

Im So Extraa <3>

Too far alieee?

I Got some sexual wellies today from Marc By Marc Jacobs they were a bargain trust me i love them i wanted the pink bottom 1s as they looked swaggerlisciously sexyy is that even a word but its the first time i went to go and find the store i could not find it i went into Moschino they didnt know where it was then i went into Burbberry they sent me the wrong way finally some woman from Diane VB came outside as i looked lost and helped me bless her sweet soul i finally found it i,ve never been around these parts of london but i love it down New Bond St the store its not even on that street the best way to find it is to go to m&s by selfridges and walk across the road and walk straight down across some British embassy with security with guns i was so scared. I love these wellies i always wanted to buy some Hunter Wellies because every celebrity has them and i like them but i dont care i like these so much better and they are cheaper than Hunter wellies by yards i love the orange bit its so nice im thinking i want to wear them for creamfields if someone comes with me :(.

I dont know why but i think i look quite nice in this picture :)

My lovley friend from the Greenwich Charity Shop across from weatherspoons is holding an event next sunday all the details on the flyer if you need more info msg me or email me on but yes its going to be a vintage fair selling loads of vintage Levi, Escada, & Fur & Boots & Scarfs & Suitcases & Glasses its mixed they also have Menswear check it out its not expensive much and we all get out student loans monday so no excuse please go and support my friend and her peers and she is so sweet and lovley :) to get there you can catch the DLR From Bank Station or Jubliee to North Greenwich then the 188 from bus stop c from Greenwich Bus Station get off when it stops outside Greenwich University and walk straight down and turn left and you will see a Natwest then across the road its being held in that pub.

She gave me a little discount on this cardigan i got today its so cute i,ve had my eye on it since i been in there everyone should go on down to the Bee Vintage Store Across the road from Cutty Sark Station she has really nice stuff i love this cardy so much :)/

Thats all for today i really want to make more youtube videos i,ve had alot of messages for requests and stuff and i have a problem with my mac its just that my headfone jack broke and its stuck in my mac so i literally cant hear anything argh its so annoying should be fixed by next week.

I also went down to portabello road today i love it there so much my friend is so lucky he lives their in this huge damn house i can dream someday i can live there

thanks for reading


If Designers Had Their Own Disney Movie

if deisgners had their own disney movie they would look so cool here are pictures Elle Espana where they took those iconic Disney characters we ove and made them into the fashion biggest designers.

Goofy as Karl L, Daisy Duck as Donatella Versace so funny LMAO Donald AS Jean Paul Gaultier and John Galliano, Mickey takes on the beautiful Dolce & Gabbana and again Donald Duck is the sexyy Marc Jacobs all the way down to his man skirt!

awww i do love it its so cute i think disney should actually do a cartoon sketch out of this its supercute and it makes me want Toystory 3 want to come out more faster i cant wait for this move to come out i love toystory so much it has the graphics that makes me automatically happpy :)

Alexandra Burke - All Night Long

I loved being at her video i didnt blog about this but it was the most fun i have had this year the song is so catch i really cant wait for the video to drop as im glad to be apart of such an amazing production the house was a huge as hell so massive :) woop woop the song is really good its all over the radio so when its released in May i expect all of you to give the video loads of hits and loads of views and buy the Single its Feat Pitbull :) amazing remix i love the orginall too but i am so glad to be in the video should be dropping soon :)

Alexandra Photo from her ID Magazine Photosshoot :)

Random :)

I so cant wait to get my loan im going to buy loads of skincare products that i really want so much :) and loads of stuff from Urban Outfitters i have seen i love the fred perry stuff they have its so damn gorgeous woop :)

I thought i would blog one more thing lol erm i really really dont know why i have done this but i did a rap ages ago the other night i was so bored i dont wanna be a rapper but it just happend i like writing lyrics its so relaxing haha i ts not very good but its ok :) hahah check it out
copy and paste that shit!

its very cringey thou oh dear but anyways you should all check my youtube videos and spread the world im doing more but its just that my mac is fucked at the moment check out my beautiful friend on youtube ScandlousBeauty Erin she is so Beautiful and i really want to go to her Networking parties but New York is so far i want her to come to the uk so we can go makeup shopping together :)

Erick Morillo video & Shopping Pleasures

Yesterday was amazing i got to be in the video for erick morillo New video "I Like to Move it" which you may know from the movie Madagascar which is one of my favourite movies :) the shoot was amazing it was in Brixton i was a bit scared because I know brixton is a very rough area so i got a taxi from greenwich lol it was only a tenner which was good :) and safe to get to i arrived at the old Bakery in Brixton and from the outside i was like hmmm this is abit weird it was very different to the Alexandra Burke video i done a couple of weeks back but this shoot was fun soon as i entered the flat it was amazing omg i have never seen such an amazing cool flat in my life oh my gawwwwshhhh it made me wana live in Brixotn just to be in the same area as this beautiful contempary flat wow i met some nice girls along the shoot i wish i got their contact details as i dont have their facebook but you can catch them in Pixie Lott video Mama do i dont like the song but they look hot in the video and i met this amaizng stylish african girl who studies at saint martins with her cool style :) the atmosphere was amazing the crew ordered like 20 pizzas obviously no one at all of them i had to be very very Black and take 2 home why am i going to let them waste im a student and i need food lol i seen erick morillo himself omg he is literally amazing bit of a diva with his shades on but if you had so many hits you would be a diva too check out the pictures sexyyness.

The shoot was amazing that was my outfit i dont look my best there i looked so oily just imagine dancing hardd harddd but thank god a makeup girl was around to touch up my makeup woahh :) i loved the shoot and i hope to do many many more my 2nd shoot for this Month my aim is to do 5.

Ok i done some shopping today no i still have not got my student loan i exchanged some stuff at urban outffiters today and got some nice jeans in return and i got some shoes from topman and a Blush from mac from the new pretty Liberty collection its soo cute and i love the packaging :) hehe check out the pics when i was coming out of canary wharf station i realised how beautiful it was i took some pictures how very tourist of me haha :) xx

My cute new Purchases including the bag & Scarf i got a few weeks ago at a vintage stall in Greenwich £15 for all BARGAIN BITCH!!!

I love this collection i wanted so much more but ill get some more next week this blush is called "Dirty Plum" but it doesnt look as harsh as it does very pretty only a hint for me lol :) i been looking for a plum color for ages :) here is some pictures from the collection which is called "Give Me Liberty of London"

Oh My Gawshh its so pretty you can cop the beautiful collection at Self ridges Mac on Oxford Street Or The Mac PRO Store On Canarby Street.

I got some pimpsoles from Topman everyone has these but i love them i knew i should have got them when i worked there discount duh but i tried them on today and they looked cute i never really liked them i like shoes with laces unless there espdrills :) but whatever there cute least i got 15% off Topman are doing a special Offer for Students GET DOWN THERE.

Here are my cute jeans from Urban Outfitters called ermm BDG Ankle Grazer Jeans Honestly i hardly wear jeans these days i either wear Hareems Or Leggings but these jeans are so comfy Oh My Gawshh they are like Butter on my legs hmmm they were bit pricey but i exchanged this ugly jumper i got ages ago in manchester and some other jeans i previously got soo im pleased i didnt have to fork out again for them

To Finish my day off i had a nice Roast Pork & Roast Duck Soup Yum Yum with a nice gold Guinness punch :)

Catch You Soon Bloggies :)
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